Guidelines for Teachers Engaging in Black Lives Matter at School

Guidelines for Teachers Engaging in Black Lives Matter at School
Created by World of Inquiry Student Council Crew

Basic Understandings:

  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Affirmation and understanding should go beyond one day, one week, one month. It should be happening all of the time
  • Center Black voices in your classroom.
  • Recognize that if you are a white person you are limited in what you understand about being black.
  • Focus on empowerment.
  • Go beyond the everyday heroes.
  • Don’t just focus on slavery.

Ideas for Lessons

  • Black figures who contributed to the world
  • Positive lessons about black people
  • Last words- reflects on last words of blacks who were killed by police/ 41 bullets of broadway
  • Art: Black lives matter art pieces/collages
  • English: Poems

Movie excerpts from:

  • I’m not racist movie
  • 13th documentary
  • A Raisin in the sun
  • 42 – Jackie robinson movie
  • Malcom X
  • Selma
  • The Color Purple
  • The Help
  • The Wiz

Ideas for Readings

  • Poems about racism or written by African American
  • Books or excerpts by African Americans
  • March graphic novels by John Lewis
  • Excerpts from the New Jim Crow
  • Month book club with books written African Americans especially African American women

Ideas for People to study

  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Huey P. Newton
  • Robert Dubois

Ideas for topics of discussion

  • Try to do more group fish bowls and group discussions so kids can share their thoughts without feeling judged

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