How to Participate

All educators are encouraged to lead or participate in one of the following actions:

  • Show your support and participation on February 17th by wearing a T-Shirt or button. (order your T-Shirt from Positive Printz by Feb 1)
  • Plan and participate in an activity at your school aligned with the mission, vision and guiding principles
  • Dialogues for understanding
  • Book reads / literature study
  • Classroom lessons
  • Community meals
  • Letter writing
  • Guest speakers
  • Field study
  • Organizing action groups
  • Attend training to facilitate conversations around race and other challenging topics
    (more details to come)
  • Become an organizing partner
  • Enlist community and educational leaders to contribute to the effort
  • Official resolutions
  • Financial support
  • Contribute thoughts, ideas and experiences through social media = #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool
  • Volunteer to plan dialogue, lesson, and activities related to the principles of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives.
  • Create activities and lessons focusing on Black Lives Matter
  • Engage in dialogue with students about BLM. Reference resources provided by the BLMS committee.
  • Expand your knowledge of Black Lives Matter in schools and culturally responsive education by attending workshops, participating in collegial circles, and reading books on the topic.
  • Incorporate literature reflective of black students in lesson plans.
  • post a picture on social media wearing your BLM t-shirt with a comment on how you support BLM@School with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatteratSchool
  • Create a classroom environment representing the students that you teach (posters, quotes, symbols, and artifacts).
  • Provide resources and materials for students to research and explore their heritage and the heritage of others.
  • Invite guest speakers to help you engage in the dialogue with students. Incorporate literature reflective urban students into lesson plans.
  • Attend training to prepare and participate in the Black Lives Matter in Schools Day on February 17, 2017.