How will you participate?

We have designed this initiative to allow educators and students to participate, if they choose to, in a way that works best for them. There are many ways for everyone to engage and our ideas can be found on our how to participate page.

How to Participate

We suggest the you, your colleagues and your classes begin with the following lesson from the Morningside Center as a way to understand the origins and principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

BLM Lesson Series Part 1: An Introduction

You can also find many other resources for self study, lesson planning and professional development on our page of resources.


We would like to know how you, or your school, plans to participate. Please complete this form so we can get an idea of what understanding and affirming Black Lives Matter at School looks like in our community. We will share, with your permission what you have planned, with others to inspire and motivate.

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